Cyclocosmia are proud to release this 17-minute digital EP entitled Immured. Immured is a concept recording based on the Roman practice of burying Vestal Virgins alive for breaking their vows of chastity. Immured features guest vocals from the outstanding Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down, Tattered Pages) and takes Cyclocosmia’s sound in a more progressive direction than their debut album, Deadwood, whilst keeping the doom influences and extreme dynamics that were so praised by the music press.

Immured is designed to be heard as a single, uninterrupted 17 minute track, but is split into 4 tracks for download. If you buy through Bandcamp (see the link below), you get a bonus version as a single, uninterrupted track, lyrics booklet and artwork by the ever amazing Dr Winter. It is also available from Amazon, iTunes and most other download and streaming sites.