“Cyclocosmia bends metal to its whim, intertwining all forms of heavy music to create an EP that mixes melody and brutality to weave an emotional story that will leave fans of extreme music breathless.”
1340 Magazine

“Monstrous, well produced and not a duff track in sight” –
Ravenheart Music

“A great sounding symphonic and progressive mixture of doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band.” –

“Expect a blend between Draconian, Ayreon, Dream Theatre and more modern metal acts … I would certainly recommend adding it to your collection of unique and stubborn metal releases.” –
Merchants of Air

“Beautifully crafted … full of talent and inspiration”-
Metal Brothers (in Spanish)

“Purely phenomenal”-
Pagan Hel Reviews

“If you are up to something that is really out of the proverbial metal box, then this EP is for you. And you are in for a treat.”
Rock Music Raider

“If their previous full-length release had shown the enormous potential of this project, then this EP confirms it”
MetalEyes (in Italian)

“Beautiful … a record that combines doom-metal dynamics with ghostly vocals that strongly fit the theme, and sounds quite unlike anything else.”
Where Worlds Collide

“A must-hear … dark, emotional and thought-provoking”
Dark Art Conspiracy

“Two great artists, a thrilling ride between genders, a multimedia performance that would be the envy of many communications professionals”
Metallized (in Italian)

“Cyclocosmia have delivered the best 17 minutes of music I’ve heard so far this year … everything reeks of professionalism, passion and talent”
Ever Metal


“Music that is blessed with both brain and beauty.” – Powerplay Magazine

“A high class delight of an album … one of the top releases of 2016” – Black Phoenix Rising

“A near perfect album … a tsunami of epicness” – Ravenheart Music

“The songs are excellent and the whole album has some remarkable surprises in store” – Vixens webzine

“I’d urge anyone interested in something female fronted that doesn’t sound like say Nightwish and their ilk to give this a try.” – Grande Rock

“A great debut … Lorena’s voice is angelic” – The Pit of the Damned (in Italian)

“The cream of the crop … beautiful yet mournful” – Dead Rhetoric