…And We Will Move the Stars

Cyclocosmia’s final album, “…And We Will Move The Stars” launched on the 3rd May 2024, in association with Teratogen and grazil Records. You can buy the album now from our Bandcamp page, with a digital download or on a double CD digisleeve.

‘…And We We Will Move The Stars’ is an epic double album that encapsulates the diverse musical styles we have worked with throughout our time in music. Comprised of sixteen tracks divided into four distinct parts, each segment narrates a full musical story, ranging from intense personal struggles and critiques of political extremities to the exploration of mortality and mystic romanticism.

Part I, ‘The Pit and the Dragon,’ delves into the depths of mental health, using the metaphor of a dragon named Idris to symbolise the primal rage and the will to live. Part II, ‘The Sickly Feast and the Last Emperor,’ offers a satirical look at the cyclical nature of radical political movements through the lens of Roman history. Part III, ‘The Bridge and the End of All Things,’ is a poignant reflection on sickness and death, inspired by Scott’s own health challenges. The final segment, Part IV, ‘The Snake and the Spider,’ weaves a tale of mystical romance, spirituality, and the power of dreams.

This will be Cyclcosmia’s last album. James’ health has been the main reason for the amount of time the album took to create, and issues with his hearing means he is taking a step back from music production to work on other creative endeavours. Thank you all for taking the time to listen to our music, it means the world and so much more.